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Massachusetts Citizens for Freedom is made up of business owners and private citizens dedicated to preserving freedom of choice and personal responsibility. Since June 1999 we have been working hard to fight the government imposed smoking bans in Dartmouth, New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts. However, we are not the only ones under attack and we cannot do it alone. It is time for all of us throughout the state to join together in this cause.

Mass Tobacco Control is using local Boards of Health throughout the state to impose regulations in each and every town. The State Department of Public Health decided August 17, 1999 not to impose regulations statewide due to the "success" of the local boards. They stated that they would re-visit the issue in one year. The handwriting is on the wall. By this coming August they will claim that so many cities and towns "voted for" smoking regulations that it may as well be statewide.


We have a good shot at beating this in New Bedford, but need your help.

We have experienced the methods used with both appointed and elected Boards Of Health. While the democratic process is virtually removed from their meetings, there are several things you can do to turn the tide.

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In Vermont call Judith Stephany 802-863-7355. to let her know that price increases will not stop smoking!

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Massachusetts Contacts to call, write or email

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Room 130
State House
Boston, MA 02133
Telephone: (617) 722-2130
It shall be the duty of the committee on Health Care to consider all matters concerning health care programs and regulation of the health care system including rate setting, licensing of health facilities and personnel, certificates of need, health programs including Medicaid and such other matters as may be referred.