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Historic District Plan Is A Pure Power Play

3/12/00 Letters to the Editor
The Standard Times

In response to the letter by Brian Hawes ("Volunteers will serve, not abuse power") I do not want your help and I will not calm down. The only reason we are having this discussion is the fact that there is a group of people who don't like what others are doing and they want the power to control them. These "volunteers" are dedicated to their agenda and are the only ones interested in serving on this commission. I suggest they go home and find a private cause for their excessive free time and energy.

The words frightening, outsider, restriction, seizure, bureaucracy, red tape, invisible noose, power, control, authority and awesome weapon known as power perfectly describe the consequences of a historic district. It is frightening that anyone who does not like what his neighbor is doing can easily seek and be granted the power of red tape.

The restrictions authorized by these bylaws extend to the point of allowing a court to seize property by ordering the removal of any building "in violation thereof." These bylaws are most definitely an invisible noose that creates a bureaucracy of "dedicated volunteers" and permits them the use of an awesome weapon known as power and authority to further control the property rights of individuals. The very idea of these by-laws does not protect the rights of all, but rather blatantly violates the rights that Americans hold sacred.

Those who originally built this community settled here to escape repression and pursue a life of liberty in a free society. They would be appalled to see what has become of our Constitution. The Bill of Rights is a clear example of how concerned the people were that the new government not interfere in the areas of their lives that were and remain precious and sacred to them. Article Five states, "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." In relation to your proposed historic district bylaws, there is no just compensation when it comes to protecting my property rights. My property rights are not for sale. I understand the Hawes family is responsible for the beginning of the commercial boom on Route 6 and Faunce Corner Road by selling out the golf course for a mall. Mr. Hawes, if you feel the need to be politically correct and atone for your sins of the past, please do so privately and leave my property out of it.



Massachusetts Citizens for Freedom

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